Advertising your yoga holiday, retreat or centre is a cost effective way to promote your yoga holiday, centre or retreat. There are various options.

Bronze Pack
1 listing on

Silver Pack
5 listings on

Gold Pack
20 listings on

Platinum Pack
Top of page listings on
We limit these to 4 in any month.
Please contact us for availability.

Maximise your exposure with a banner advert
All prices are for 4 or 12 months
Home Page Top Banner 400 / 800 GBP
Home Page Centre and Lower Banner 300 / 600 GBP
Top of Monthly Listings Pages 200 / 400 GBP
Thumbnail image on your listing
From £5 per listing (Package of 20 listings)
Full page pop up from your listing.
Images / text / links as required.
From £20 per listing (Package of 20 listings)
Please call or email to discuss your requirements and arrange the best deal for you. 01579 320547
Payment can be made by Paypal or Bank transfer. We will acknowledge your payment within 2 working days.
For a small extra fee we can also advertise your holiday or retreat on our sister website
which appears on page 1 for many major search engines.
About your advert.
Please send up to 35 words including the title but excluding any website, telephone or email information.
Remember - Enthusiastic and informative descriptions will help to sell your retreat or holiday.
Listings can include links to website pages (2 maximum on a standard listing) and to an email address.
We specialise in Yoga and Holistic related listings.
Events must normally be listed within a year of purchase.
Banner Design
Banners should be 500 px wide by 200 px deep and in a JPG or GIF format.
If you would like to have a banner designed professionally, we will be happy to quote you for the artwork.