Does yoga help you lose weight?

Aurhor credit  Emily Brathen

We all know that yoga offers a myriad of amazing benefits not just for the body but also for the mind and soul. However, while we’re sure that it does strengthen the muscles and improve your flexibility and balance, you might still wonder: does yoga help you lose weight? If so, how exactly? Continue reading to find out the answer!

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July discounts with Adventure Yogi

Great discounts now available with Adventure Yogi in Santorini and Cornwall

Santorini holiday 30th June - 7th July and 7th  - 14th July. 
Twin room to share: Was £989pp Now £695pp  
Single occupancy: Was £1400pp. Now £995pp

Cornwall retreat 14th-21st July 
Twin room to share with ensuite. Was £475pp. Now £395pp
Twin room to share with shared bathroom: Was £445pp. Now £375pp 

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Last minute change to the In Sabina programme

The In Sabina programme in Italy has had a change of teacher.

june retreat 2018xxx

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7 Simple morning yoga poses that will make you active

Author credit Lydia Mattern

If you're not a morning person then you'd have a hard time figuring out why the Ashtangis get up at 5 a.m. to do yoga. Yoga is magical and healing and when performed first thing in the morning, it fills you with energy and grace, allowing you to delve deeper into your inner self to find balance, stability, and peace. 

Do I have to do it at 5 am?

The good thing about yoga is that it's beneficial no matter what time you do it. The most important thing is your intent and the focus with which you approach each sequence. Taking an hour-long meditation class would be ideal for a lot of people but the truth is not many people have the time - which brings us to early morning yoga. If you're wondering how this helps you, check out the following:

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5 Reasons You Should Teach Your Kids Yoga

Author credit Amanda Bentley

Yoga is quite popular today.
It can trace its roots back to India where there are strong mystic and religious traditions. Today, yoga is popular as a form of exercise and for keeping people fit. It has very little to do with its religious origins and more people are doing it every year.
Since everyone seems to be doing yoga these days, the question is whether you should be teaching it to your kids. The answer is yes and here are 5 reasons why you should:

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Yoga 2

In India where it originates from, yoga is more than a physical or spiritual task. It is a tradition and a culture. History says yoga began in the sixth and fifth centuries BCE. However, its popularity as a form of physical exercise only spread to the western world in the 1980's.

 Yoga is a form of physical practice that involves stretching the body and working the muscles through specific angles. Yoga also involves working the joints through certain positions. In India, Yoga is believed to be of great spiritual, mental and health benefits. In fact, yoga has become so popular that many sportsmen and women engage in it.

A recent survey showed that the number of people that practiced yoga in the United States of America increased from four million in 2001 to about twenty million in 2011. In fact, former American leader Barack Obama approved yoga as an effective form of physical exercise. He once stated "Yoga has become a universal language of spiritual exercise in the United States, crossing many lines of religion and cultures,...

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5 Adaptogenic Herbs That Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Adaptogenic herbs are a loosely-related class of plants that impact a variety of body systems, usually by reducing stress hormone production in the adrenal gland. Chronic stress, anxiety, and depression are common in modern society. Worldwide, folks are overstimulated with electronics and inundated with hectic schedules. The adaptogens in this article can help relieve stress.

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5 Tips to Elevate Your Yoga Practice


If you’ve been doing yoga for a while, chances are you are pretty comfortable with the mechanics of most of the basic poses and are aware of the tremendous yoga benefits for women and man. You know how to draw your navel into your spine to engage your core. You know how to use your breath to help you sustain a challenging pose or work toward one that seems difficult. You have learned most of what you need to know about your own body to be able to suit the poses to the places that work for you. As you go through a practice, you feel like you are pretty much secure in the major anatomical points of each of the poses.

While this doesn’t mean you feel like you have “mastered” yoga, it’s a major milestone for most yoga students. It might come after months, or even years, of practice, but you’re probably aware of each step along the way, as poses become more accessible and your knowledge deepens.

That’s an exhilarating feeling, no question. But, it can also trigger a sense of frustration, especially for driven yogis. The more you become adept, the more challenging it can seem to search for the next step in your yoga journey.

Look at this as an opportunity to delve into the next level of yoga. This can mean taking a closer look at the details of your physical practice. It can mean intensifying your meditation. Maybe you want to enrich your knowledge of yogic tradition. Whatever it is, now is the time to look past the “what” and explore the “why” and “how” behind your yoga. Here are five tips to do just that.

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The Yoga Glow Is Your Brain Healing Itself

Author credit Justin Faraday

What is it about yoga that fills you to the brim with such a strong feeling of well-being? While you focus on your breath and the fluidity of your asanas, your brain is busy releasing endorphins, boosting neuroprotective proteins, balancing hormone levels, and increasing the expression of anxiety-reducing neurotransmitters. You step out of the yoga studio soaked to the bones in sweat and stumbling in the euphoric haze of the “yoga glow.”
Yoga is a therapeutic combination of meditation and exercise. The end result is a sort of supplement-free nootropic stack. Yoga enhances cognition and soothes brain chemistry from the inside out. Here’s a closer look at a few of the ways that your yoga glow is the manifestation of a happy brain.

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What You Need to Do to Fit Yoga Practice into Your Busy Schedule? How to Practice Yoga When You Are Busy?

Author credit Amelia Johnson 


Life gets busy, doesn’t it? While yoga practice in its very nature bids you to slow down, the reality of life is that there are lots of school or work schedules which cannot stop. Think of the assignment that needs to be submitted, the housework that needs to be done, career and work deadlines to be met, and the family-related responsibilities to be accomplished.

What does all this mean? Fitting yoga in your busy schedule is about committing, using the little free time, or, at times, trading off some responsibilities.

But there are some ways through which you can conveniently practice yoga amid your busy life. This is how.

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Yoga Poses For Mental And Physical Health

Author credit - Manmohan Singh.  A yoga teacher and a blogger.

Summary: Yoga is about connecting body, mind and soul. A healthy body and mind are needed for a happy soul to reside in.
The article will guide you to a healthy mind and body through these yoga poses.

Rightly said! Yoga is not just a workout- it is about working on yourself. In this hurried-up life, stress and body issues come in handy,
yoga is a perfect way to keep our body and mind fit. A healthy being is a combination of both mental and physical health.
Yoga is the therapy which rejuvenates you, provides inner-bliss, and keeps you focused, healthy, and stress-free.

Here are some yoga poses which are great for mental and physical health.

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5 Yoga Poses That Will Help You for Weight Loss

Author credit Michael Morelli


You can get a lot of benefits from doing yoga. Apparently, the numbers of people who are starting to take yoga classes today are quite increasing. 

Although yoga routines are usually utilized for mind and body healing, you could actually lose weight by simply doing yoga.

Note that yoga routines are not meant for losing weight or shedding excess calories. But if you really want to get rid of those fats and extra pounds,
yoga could help you do it provided that you will be paying attention as well to your fitness routines and meal consumptions such as your healthy diet plan.

Here are some of the most effective yoga poses that will help you with your weight loss plans:

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The Potential of Using Yoga For Weight Loss

Author credit - Manmohan Singh.  A yoga teacher and a blogger. 

Summary: Weight Issues is one of the increasing health problems. Read the article to explore the potential of using yoga for weight loss.

Being overweight or obese comes with a lot of health issues like diabetes, heart ailments, skin problems, etc. And as we know that gaining weight is easy but losing is not. Hours of workout, skipping meals and stress of not losing weight can do a lot of bad things to you instead of good. But through yoga, one can achieve all. So let’s see the potential of using yoga for weight loss.

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Yoga For Flexibility and Strength

Author credit - Manmohan Singh.  A yoga teacher and a blogger. 

Summary: This article aims to elucidate the six best yoga poses for strength and flexibility

To live in this fast-paced era one needs to be high on strength and vigor. However, the daily humdrum of life leaves us completely exhausted.
What one yearns for is great physical and mental strength along with improved flexibility. Is there any method to achieve strength and flexibility?
Yes, this phenomenal quality is present in the science of yoga.

The art of yoga offers endless benefits to the practitioner. On a physical level, it increases strength, improves flexibility, recharges energy levels,
and lubricates tendons, joints and so much more. It ensures optimum supply of blood to body organs, keeps various health issues at bay and detoxifies the body.
Yoga, being an excellent exercise for the physical body is also about mindfulness, focus and mental flexibility. The yoga practice helps an individual to cognitively
adapt to change without undue stress and helps an entity solve problems of life logically. When you dwell in the practice of yoga on regular basis, you will start to
notice increased physiological and psychological strength.

Here is a list of six yoga poses for increasing flexibility and strength.

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Getting Quiet Shows You More than You'd Think


Author credit Will Cottrell of YOGAHOLIDAYS.NET

Hi folks,
At this time of year it's easy to feel surrounded by noise and chaos. 
So it's useful to understand that there's something else underlying all this sound and activity, something that's far more powerful.
If you can find it, it's a great tonic with which to clear your head for the New Year.

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7 Yoga Mats that you can surely trust

Author credit Krima Flint

Sometimes, the hunt for a perfect yoga mat can make you feel like you are questing for a Holy Grail.
The combination of price, grip, length, color, reliability, and thickness would always make you feel confused in between the choices.

And with those price tags, you don’t want to get an imperfect one. Here is my list of five yoga mats that you can surely trust .

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The Physical Health Benefits of Yoga


By Kulraj Singh, Principal Physiotherapy at Tavistock Clinic

Although originally practiced as a means for spiritual development, yoga has a host of physical health benefits also.
It’s widely known that yoga helps with flexibility, range of movement in our joints, and can even help battle symptoms of clinical depression, but can it improve muscular strength?

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The Yogi Gear: Yoga Essential Kit for the Complete Beginner

yogaholiday The Yogi Gear Yoga Essential Kit for the Complete Beginner

In the search for a stronger mind, a healthier body, and a better over-all disposition; more and more people are becoming yogis. If you have decided that yoga is the workoutforyou; then we’ve got you. Just read through this yoga essentials beginners’ yoga kit guide, and you’re all set. 

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New yoga holiday in India – RIGHT ROYAL RAJASTHAN

 8-18 Feb 2018 – see February page on our website for further details on this fabulous yoga retreat!


Some great reviews here

The ten days I spent with Pollyanna in Rajastahn was an extraordinary "holiday"
As a newcomer to Yoga, the revelation of waking to yoga at dawn, and again at sunset was
wonderful. The light and sounds at these times of day, and joining with others in sun salutations
and meditations was unforgettable.
Two dawn meditation walks through  local landscapes were an exceptional experience of history and tranquility .
Pollyanna has a gentle approach, and is also a practitioner with years of experience so she knew when and how
to challenge us individually.
Pollyanna has been visiting India for many years, and has established friendships with many people at the different
locations we stayed in.
We were reaping the benefits of the high regard in which she is held by  may; from managers, to Prince, to waiters.
From palaces to havelis, to lakeside tent,  all were splendid locations to stay , in their own unique ways.
The food was always varied and delicious.
I felt Pollyanna always had  our best interests at heart, and that she was making possible adjustments to make future
Royal Yoga holidays even more special.
I treasure the memory of the tranquility and the hospitality and would recommend this as a yoga holiday with
absolute conviction, and a certain amount of envy for others who choose to go with Pollyanna.
Jane Andrews

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Why should Every Expectant Mom Opt For Yoga?

Author credit - Krima Flint


No doubt, Pregnancy is the most splendid feeling that every woman goes through in her lifetime. Isn’t it? But, this nine month’s journey undoubtedly brings millions of physiological and psychological changes with it in your life. Right? And, these alterations certainly lead you to juggle with different kinds of emotions. In such a scenario, YOGA can help you immensely to cope up and make your life smooth and enjoyable.

To become a yogini at that crucial point of your life when your little bundle of joy is thriving inside you is certainly a great idea. It’s because on doing so you will end up following a multifaceted approach to exercise which if practiced in an appropriate way is absolutely safe and extremely beneficial.

Want to know how?

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