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Yoga For Flexibility and Strength

Author credit - Manmohan Singh.  A yoga teacher and a blogger. 

Summary: This article aims to elucidate the six best yoga poses for strength and flexibility

To live in this fast-paced era one needs to be high on strength and vigor. However, the daily humdrum of life leaves us completely exhausted.
What one yearns for is great physical and mental strength along with improved flexibility. Is there any method to achieve strength and flexibility?
Yes, this phenomenal quality is present in the science of yoga.

The art of yoga offers endless benefits to the practitioner. On a physical level, it increases strength, improves flexibility, recharges energy levels,
and lubricates tendons, joints and so much more. It ensures optimum supply of blood to body organs, keeps various health issues at bay and detoxifies the body.
Yoga, being an excellent exercise for the physical body is also about mindfulness, focus and mental flexibility. The yoga practice helps an individual to cognitively
adapt to change without undue stress and helps an entity solve problems of life logically. When you dwell in the practice of yoga on regular basis, you will start to
notice increased physiological and psychological strength.

Here is a list of six yoga poses for increasing flexibility and strength.

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Getting Quiet Shows You More than You'd Think


Author credit Will Cottrell of YOGAHOLIDAYS.NET

Hi folks,
At this time of year it's easy to feel surrounded by noise and chaos. 
So it's useful to understand that there's something else underlying all this sound and activity, something that's far more powerful.
If you can find it, it's a great tonic with which to clear your head for the New Year.

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7 Yoga Mats that you can surely trust

Author credit Krima Flint

Sometimes, the hunt for a perfect yoga mat can make you feel like you are questing for a Holy Grail.
The combination of price, grip, length, color, reliability, and thickness would always make you feel confused in between the choices.

And with those price tags, you don’t want to get an imperfect one. Here is my list of five yoga mats that you can surely trust .

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The Physical Health Benefits of Yoga


By Kulraj Singh, Principal Physiotherapy at Tavistock Clinic

Although originally practiced as a means for spiritual development, yoga has a host of physical health benefits also.
It’s widely known that yoga helps with flexibility, range of movement in our joints, and can even help battle symptoms of clinical depression, but can it improve muscular strength?

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The Yogi Gear: Yoga Essential Kit for the Complete Beginner

yogaholiday The Yogi Gear Yoga Essential Kit for the Complete Beginner

In the search for a stronger mind, a healthier body, and a better over-all disposition; more and more people are becoming yogis. If you have decided that yoga is the workoutforyou; then we’ve got you. Just read through this yoga essentials beginners’ yoga kit guide, and you’re all set. 

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New yoga holiday in India – RIGHT ROYAL RAJASTHAN

 8-18 Feb 2018 – see February page on our website for further details on this fabulous yoga retreat!


Some great reviews here

The ten days I spent with Pollyanna in Rajastahn was an extraordinary "holiday"
As a newcomer to Yoga, the revelation of waking to yoga at dawn, and again at sunset was
wonderful. The light and sounds at these times of day, and joining with others in sun salutations
and meditations was unforgettable.
Two dawn meditation walks through  local landscapes were an exceptional experience of history and tranquility .
Pollyanna has a gentle approach, and is also a practitioner with years of experience so she knew when and how
to challenge us individually.
Pollyanna has been visiting India for many years, and has established friendships with many people at the different
locations we stayed in.
We were reaping the benefits of the high regard in which she is held by  may; from managers, to Prince, to waiters.
From palaces to havelis, to lakeside tent,  all were splendid locations to stay , in their own unique ways.
The food was always varied and delicious.
I felt Pollyanna always had  our best interests at heart, and that she was making possible adjustments to make future
Royal Yoga holidays even more special.
I treasure the memory of the tranquility and the hospitality and would recommend this as a yoga holiday with
absolute conviction, and a certain amount of envy for others who choose to go with Pollyanna.
Jane Andrews

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Why should Every Expectant Mom Opt For Yoga?

Author credit - Krima Flint


No doubt, Pregnancy is the most splendid feeling that every woman goes through in her lifetime. Isn’t it? But, this nine month’s journey undoubtedly brings millions of physiological and psychological changes with it in your life. Right? And, these alterations certainly lead you to juggle with different kinds of emotions. In such a scenario, YOGA can help you immensely to cope up and make your life smooth and enjoyable.

To become a yogini at that crucial point of your life when your little bundle of joy is thriving inside you is certainly a great idea. It’s because on doing so you will end up following a multifaceted approach to exercise which if practiced in an appropriate way is absolutely safe and extremely beneficial.

Want to know how?

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What is the impact of transport emissions on our environment?

Article credit - Justin Fox

All around the world each and every day, millions of vehicles embark on journeys without fail. An integral part of day to day work and pleasure, a world without cars, planes, and other varieties of transportation is virtually unthinkable.

However, the global impact of transportation on our environmental well-being is truly shocking. Due to the fossil fuels used to power the overwhelming majority of vehicles, the pollutant particles produced as a by-product are spewed into the atmosphere. Not only is this a major contributor to the ever expanding hole in the ozone layer, but the quality of air we are breathing in is also sharply reduced.

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How yoga can help you with your knee pain

Article credit Mathew Foster

Did you know that knee pain is one of the most common causes of chronic pain in America, with more than one third of people in this country suffering from it? Fortunately, there is a way out. In this article we teach you how yoga of all things can help you deal with knee pain, both preventing and helping you recover from injuries to this crucial joint.

Typical causes of knee pain include injury to a ligament like your ACL, weak hamstrings or quadricep muscles, or chronic conditions like arthritis. Perhaps more than anything it is our sedentary lifestyles that tend to weaken the leg muscles and make the knees more susceptible to injury. When your quadriceps for example are weak and under-developed, there arises a misalignment between your knee and the thighbone or femur, in which your knee fails to track properly and is pulled to the side. This sideways force weakens and wears away the cartilage supporting your knee.

Yoga, meanwhile, is about mindfulness and deliberate, thoughtful action. By training you to learn to pay attention to your body and what you're doing NOW, yoga therapy can help you become aware of the leg muscles that need work and provides you with the poses needed to strengthen them. It is also a great way of becoming aware of leg misalignment issues (another source of knee trouble), and correcting these. Here are the best yoga poses for your knees and how to do them:

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Why people are using hemp oil when practicing yoga

Mother Nature has a way of providing everything the human body needs. While cannabis use is certainly a controversial topic altogether, most people remain unaware of the fact that CBD oil (derived from the hemp plant) and yoga are closely intertwined. How you ask? Well, both are known to bring about balance through meditation, breathwork and postures for yoga, and through the endocannabinoid system that works at producing homeostasis and equilibrium; for yoga.

In a nutshell, the good moods emanating from the sense of well-being experienced while practicing yoga are basically a result of a triggered endocannabinoid system producing Anandamide – feel good neurotransmitters. The long and short of it is, the two are closely intertwined whichever way you choose to look at it from. Here's an in-depth look at why people are using hemp oil when practicing yoga.

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Being a spiritual leader at Tushitanepal yoga-meditation retreats, it is my pleasure to share some personal feeling and to let the yoga lovers know – facts and essence of yoga. Many people are aware of yoga-meditation for a healthy and happy life these days. However, still people have many layers of confusions / dilemmas regarding the origin and the essence of yoga. Therefore, I wished to provide authentic information to unveil misconception among yoga lovers- aiming for the restoration of world peace. Like a mirror, without any prejudice at all- I have attempted to reflect the object as it is. May the people understand with an apt conscience.

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Yoga in Aphrodite’s gardens

“This is such a special place” said my student, joining me for Yoga in Cyprus for the first time,
as we sat together on the edge of the gardens, looking over the sea. “It’s the space, I just love all this space.”

 IMG 0792 

“Space” is just what my Yoga retreats are all about in this special corner of Cyprus is all about. The space to rest and simply be and in that rest to come back home to ourselves for rejuvenation, balance and healing.

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Transforming Shadows Yoga Retreat in Portugal

Transforming Shadows Yoga Retreat in Portugal – Yoga Holidays Portugal


We are really excited this year to offer this unique retreat combining one of Jamie Catto's personal development workshops with daily yoga,
wild swimming, wholesome vegetarian food and a special screening of 1 Giant Leap.
Jamie Catto is a Creator, Producer / Director of the multi-award winning global 1 Giant Leap films and albums, and founder member of Faithless.

He now leads uniquely transformative workshops and one-on-one sessions. Drawing from the richly diverse wisdom, techniques and processes
he has encountered during his ground-breaking filming, recording, philosophy voyages across all 5 continents, he is weaving these creative
techniques and exercises to spark both Professional and Personal breakthroughs.
“Jamie Catto is kind, wise, open, boundlessly energetic, optimistic and passionate. I adore him." Stephen Fry

jamiebio  jamiefake

At Yoga Holidays Portugal we offer a wide range of retreats, often including workshops for learning as well as yoga sessions,
for example our Nourish in Nature Retreats include daily workshops on herbs and nutrition specifically for women, as well as
daily yoga and meditation. Our small family run centre is held within a secluded and peaceful valley in the heart of Portugal.
We are completely off grid, offering guests a chance to experience a sustainable retreat without compromising on comfort.
We are a short walk away from a traditional Portuguese village and a beautiful lake for swimming.
For making a reservation – or +351961228729

Yoga Holidays Portugal

Facebook - Portugal Yurt Retreat

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