4 Important Reasons Why Women Should not Train Like Men

Author credit Daniel Clark

It’s a never-ending debate if women should train like men or not. Everyone has own reasons and justifications for his or her opinions. Generally, training is done for healthy physic and, the motto is going to be the same for both men and women. However, the definition of healthy physic differs from person to person and men to women. How do you define a perfect body of women? Everyone will have a different answer to this. Some would prefer a muscular body like Jennifer Broomfield while others would like a perfectly toned body like Megan Fox.



Moreover, training is something that depends on your body need. Men train for bodybuilding which results in wide shoulders, big chest, and big cobra traps. But, most women don’t crave the same kind of body. They want a good looking and attractive body. Besides, a female body needs different training to get the bodybuilder type body.

Even the diet should be different from the men as a woman’s body gains weight faster than a man’s body. Many health brands offer the best deal on popular health & fitness stores which is why women prefer the same protein or nutrient as men use. This is not healthy for women’s bodies as they need different kinds of minerals and supplements to shape their body mass in the right way.

So, if you are wondering about the reasons behind the training difference between men and women, here it is listed.

  1. Different Mind-Sets

Most people misunderstand the concept of training. You train to become a better version of yourself, not someone else. However, many trainers don’t realize the fact that women’s bodies have different caliber and should be treated differently in order to get into the right shape and muscle. Doing the same training as men do will have a different effect on a woman’s body because women have more fat than men. If you ask a man about a perfect female body, they will describe someone with masculine physique. On the other hand, a woman’s opinion is totally opposite. Unless the goal is to become a bodybuilder, no woman would dream of a masculine body. In fact, most females desire to look lean and toned.

  1. Different Goals

Like you read above, men and women have different body goals. At the same time, men can eat 500 calories and burn it easily compared to women eating the same amount of calories. The difference is in the body systems and natural processes. Most women expect good shoulders, arms, calves, abs, glutes, and legs from their training. Women are supposed to do more of isolation work to get a great body. Moreover, women have smaller muscles and, they can isolate them more often without worrying about the recovery periods.

  1. A myth that Women Will Look Like Men

One common mistake, most people make while training is that a woman’s body is like a mans. A woman who does the exact same training as men will end up with a body with a significant amount of muscles, bigger legs, shoulders and arms, which is more of a manly thing not womanly. Also, the amount of effort spent is much more than men. Hence, women’s exercise should be more effective and efficient on their body.

  1. Chances of major Injuries

Women are more prone to get injuries in particular areas due to biomechanical factors. Often women have anterior pelvic tilt and valgus knees angle which increase the risk of osteoarthritis in the knee or other knee issues like pain and soreness. Also, women sometimes suffer from patella tracking problems because of tightness in the hips, inactive butt muscles and hamstrings. Due to often walking in high heels, women hamstrings don’t get to work as much. Women’s bodies tends to feel more pain or have risk of injury while doing heavy weight lifts or exercise.

Therefore, women should include more squats and lateral movement exercise in their warm-up sessions for better flexibility and results.

Lastly, a few tips for better training to get a perfectly toned body

  • Women naturally have better strength and short recovery span. Therefore, you should focus more on lower weights, higher reps, little rest between sets, little rest between workouts, and more steady state cardio.
  • Also, many women have strong legs compared to their upper body, hence focus less on heavy lower body lifting.
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