5 Foods to Boost Your Mood

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When you want to stay in good shape in life, then you need to eat well. However, while most of us are more than aware of the link between what we eat and how we feel, we often think of how we feel physically. Did you know, though, that your food could have a huge and positive impact on the way that you feel on a day-to-day basis?

Nothing is going to make you feel happier and healthier than simply tucking into some good old food. So what kind of foods should you be targeting if you want to help improve your mood ion a regular basis? 

What can you start eating if you want to feel a bit better?

Here are some of the best foods that you should definitely be taking into your system if you want to start feeling a bit fitter, healthier and generally happier. If you eat these foods on a regular basis, or foods containing these, you should notice a big improvement in your mood and your general day-to-day approach to life.

1.         Healthy Fats

For one, getting plenty of healthy fats into your diet is going to be a very important starting point. Many people see all fats as bad, but that is absolutely not the case whatsoever. Healthy fats are very much good for us, and they tend to include fats like omega-3 healthy fats.

Anything that you can take in with omea-3 and omega-5, for example, is going to be useful for helping you to live a happier and healthier quality of life as you move through your days.

2.         Cacao

Cacao is another very useful and effective tool to be eating, as it’s loaded with positive ingredients such as iron, fiber, chromium and manganese. It’s also a rich source of antioxidants and of magnesium, all of which means eating cacao is likely to boost your energy levels and your levels of longevity throughout the day.

If you are always feeling drained and tired, then some cacao is a quick and easy way to solve that issue and simply start feeling a bit better about yourself. It’s also great for improving your mood as you get to enjoy that lovely, sweet chocolate-y taste!

3.         Fruits

Naturally, fruit is something that you need to vastly improve your intake in if you want to be in a better mood on a daily basis. The reasons why are pretty simple: fruit is loaded with vitamins and micronutrients that we simply cannot get from other sources of food. Also, most forms of fruit are loaded with the kind of ingredients and vitamins that can help you to lift the feeling of depression.


Best of all? Fruit offers a natural way to help you hit your sweet tooth and give yourself something to eat that you can enjoy that lifts your mood.

4.         B Vitamins

It may seem obvious, but eating foods with a high vitamin intake is very important. Try to start eating more dark leafy greens, more bananas and more poultry meat like chicken. Throw in some eggs and some almonds, too, and you can easily start to boost your intake of Vitamin B: one of the most important vitamins in building a happy, healthy frame of mind for yourself.

It’s a great way to help improve positive changes in the mood, and you can genuinely start to notice this within a few days of increasing your Vitamin B intake regularly.

5.         Spinach

Lastly, we recommend that you start eating a lot more spinach if you wish to see a lasting and natural increase in your mood on a daily basis. One thing that you will find is that spinach, so rich in Vitamin B, will help you to lift yourself from a negative mood as mentioned above. It’s also got important ingredients in there including folate, including Vitamins B3, B6 and B12: that’s a lot of nutrition for the mind that you cannot miss out on.

Alongside broccoli, this is the best way to get plenty of mind-boosting, depression-fighting B vitamins.

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