5 Reasons You Should Teach Your Kids Yoga

Author credit Amanda Bentley

Yoga is quite popular today.
It can trace its roots back to India where there are strong mystic and religious traditions. Today, yoga is popular as a form of exercise and for keeping people fit. It has very little to do with its religious origins and more people are doing it every year.
Since everyone seems to be doing yoga these days, the question is whether you should be teaching it to your kids. The answer is yes and here are 5 reasons why you should:

1. It Provides Them a Mental Break
Kids also need mental breaks. They need to have time away from all the things that they are expected to do in school, from videogames, and the other stuff that they spend time on. Yoga is probably the best activity that would give them time away from all that. You might be surprised but kids actually enjoy the opportunity to sit still and quiet which yoga can provide

2. It Provides Them A Sense of Accomplishment
Your kids need to get a sense of accomplishment. That is important if you want them to learn an important lesson in life. The great thing about yoga is that your kids cannot really fail while doing it.
Each and every small moment that your kids will achieve while doing yoga will be an achievement. That is a big deal.

3. It Develops a Sense of Fearlessness
Teaching your kids to do yoga at an early age, also helps them to develop a sense of fearlessness. It allows them to do daring things when they grow up. When at an early age, they manage to do headstands and other poses that might seem painful or uncomfortable.

4. It Helps Your Kids to Learn How to Focus
Yoga helps your kids to focus. The ability to focus on doing one specific thing at a time is a very crucial skill and doing yoga helps to develop that. In doing yoga, a practitioner must focus in order to be able to do specific poses. Some poses will take a great deal of time in order to achieve.

5. Yoga is Fun
This is probably the main reason why you should let your kids to learn yoga.  They will have a great deal of fun while learning. They are not going to be forced to learn things immediately. They will be encouraged to learn at their own pace. They are sure to enjoy doing the different poses.

How to Teach Your Kids Your Yoga
Okay, so now you know a few good reasons why you should teach your yoga, the next question is how can you teach your kids yoga. Here are some tips that you can try when teaching them yoga.

Safety is Crucial
Safety is going to be very important when you teach your kids yoga. The first step is to set time limits for your kids. Keep in mind that the bodies of children are still developing, so you should not put too much pressure on them. You also need to take frequent breaks.

Make it Simple and Fun
You have to make yoga all fun and games. Your kids will not be interested to do yoga if everything is all serious. You have to keep them happy and entertained while doing the poses.
One way that you can make it fun for your kids is to make up stories about each pose that you are teaching them. That will make things more interesting for them.
So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start doing yoga with your kids. The time to get started is now.

Author bio
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