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To know what yoga retreat to choose, you first have to know about yoga as well.

What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient and spiritual art form which was commonly found and performed in India.

Yoga is an art of creating discipline among its followers and has a culture which leads people towards nature

Yoga helps a person to leave a stress-free and happy life and it also provides inner peace to its practitioners

Yoga is an exercise which can be performed within a short period of 20 to 30 minutes


So, after understanding what yoga is, now let's focus on what is a yoga retreat?

A yoga retreat, is normally held in a place which is surrounded by the natural and scenic beauty. It is a place where a person can go and learn the new art forms of yoga under a yoga teacher.

A yoga retreat is a reconnecting program where you can find new groups of people and you also have an opportunity to learn new techniques and different forms of yoga which can change your life.

A Yoga retreat can be one or two days or some maybe a week-long.

There are many yoga retreat centers where you can go to perform this art and it is very likely that you have a yoga retreat center near you.

5 things to know before going on yoga retreat:

As, if you join a retreat, you need to find a teacher who suits your skills, personality, ideas and who can connect with you. Bonding with the teacher is the most important thing in a yoga retreat, as if you are new to yoga, their instructions are more valuable for you.  So, if you are planning for a yoga retreat, do some research about your yoga teacher as well.  You have to establish a good relationship with your teacher so it will be easier for you to understand their instructions and get the most out of your yoga retreat.

Which kind of yoga  suits you is a big question as there are many forms of yoga with different focus, such as flow, energy and gentle focus. So it’s totally up to you which kind of yoga you are going for. Having proper research about this aspect is also very important.  You can learn from various social media platforms how many types of yoga there are and what their benefits are. I suggest that you to do some yoga in a mixed environment and which creates an energy around you and helps to reduce your stress and makes your life happier.

People who attend yoga retreats have often shared their experience by saying that going solo will always be of benefit. If a person attends a  yoga retreat on their own they can get out of their comfort zone and this is the time when the strong magic will happen. A person who attends solo can also meet new people and connect with them enhancing the retreat experience.

 If you understand the importance of your retreat then you are  not going to look primarily at the cost involved in it.  Low budget retreats can be of a lesser standard. So, if you have a budget problem take your time to save the money and go only to the best place for you personally and you will benefit from it. Choosing a less expensive yoga retreat center had a major drawback as if the price is less the size of a yoga retreat may be big like 50-60 students in one batch. This will also reduce the effectiveness of yoga retreat as well.

Yoga retreats are all about location. Sounds weird???

Let me explain “choosing your location is an important aspect of your yoga retreat". Think that you are going on a local vacation and look for the place that suits you. Some people like mountains, some people like beaches and some people like a rain forest and some people like resorts.  So basically, it varies from person to person which location they prefer. Yoga retreats are organized all over the world so research the location and make sure when you arrive, you are able to cope with the environment and the language in classes is your native language. It becomes difficult to perform well in these yoga retreats. That is why location is a very important factor before going on any kind of yoga retreat. Also, another important aspect is that the food offered is of a good quality and whether it is healthy or not. So you also have to research that the food provided in the center is healthy.

So, from the above. It may be concluded that choosing your yoga retreat center can be a difficult task.  If you don’t research the retreat properly it will affect the effectiveness of the program. Your yoga retreat program must be that which matches your schedule, luxury and all your needs, otherwise it may be difficult to fully benefit from your yoga retreat. It should not only focus on your physical effectiveness but it provide mental relief also which can make your life happier. Also, as mentioned above, don’t focus too much on the budget. Go to the best yoga retreat center for you, that will help you a lot with your practice and relaxation.


Vivek Roy is an enthusiastic Yoga blogger and Traveller from India. He has done 200 hours yoga teacher training in India. He loves to travel and share the knowledge of yoga around the world. For more information about him visit his website Sattva Yoga Academy.