7 Yoga Mats that you can surely trust

Author credit Krima Flint

Sometimes, the hunt for a perfect yoga mat can make you feel like you are questing for a Holy Grail.
The combination of price, grip, length, color, reliability, and thickness would always make you feel confused in between the choices.

And with those price tags, you don’t want to get an imperfect one. Here is my list of five yoga mats that you can surely trust .


  • Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat

Best For: All-around Yoga experience

Thickness: 4.5 mm

Weight: 1.8 kg

Size: Regular: 61 cm x 180 cm and Long: 61 cm x 200 cm

Materials: Phthalate-free PVC and it generated zero-waste

Highlight: Padded but not too chunky yet affordable, sustainable and a reliable non-slippery grip.

Review: The closed cell structure of the Yoga Mat has a sturdy built up that is meant to last. The fabric is so designed that it
would wick away all the dirt and the sweat rather than absorb the same. And the non-slippery grip improves the use so that it
is not slipping away from the floor.

The dot-patterned bottom ensures that however wet the surface is, the mat will not slip. It is made of non-toxic materials and
is 100% latex-free. Also due to its constituents, the mat surface is easy to clean.

Pros: it has a great padding so that it can cushion your knees and wrists with a non-grip surface that you can easily use.

Cons: Taking care of it will take maintenance and attention, so if you lean towards low-maintenance, this might not be for you.

  • Liforme Yoga Mat

Best For: Perfectionists and Experts

Thickness: 4.2 mm

Weight: 2.5 kg

Size: 185 cm x 68 cm

Materials: Made up from the eco-friendly PVC-free natural rubber

Highlight: The printed design is a fantastic way if you are trying to find symmetry and balance in any pose. Best for all,
from beginners to the advanced yogis.

Review: While you are using the Liforme mat, the confidence that you build during the yoga practice sessions is beyond
explanation. Because it is larger than most of the mats, it tends to render a spaciousness to your practice. You can use
this mat either at a studio or your home easily.

The grippy surface that Liforme has given it an upper hand over all other mats. It is made from the eco-friendly materials
with a blend of the natural rubber, and sustainable source felt. It is so designed so that it is cushioning your joints with its
4.2 mm of padding!

The mat comes with its holding bag as well. So this is a bonus.

Pros: Liforme Mat is very eco-friendly mat along with being PVC-free. Also, it has great sticky surface along with unique
alignment aided design and larger size.

Cons: Expensive and heavier than other mats of the same price range. Also, the alignment system may not suit every yoga enthusiast.

  • Prana Eco Yoga Mat

Best For: Mats for the environmentally conscious

Thickness: 5 mm

Weight: 1.6 kg

Size: 183 cm x 61 cm

Materials: 100% Thermal plastic elastomer

Highlight: Made up of the 10% thermoplastic elastomer, this Prana ECO Yoga Mat is non-toxic which is sustainably
made and completely recyclable.


Review: The Prana ECO Mat eliminates the risk of the damage caused to the environment due to the synthetic rubbers.
It is completely recyclable so you can rest easy when you are ready to replace your old one.

Additionally, the mat is UV resistant so while you are exposing the mat to the sun, the color does not get faded away.
Furthermore, it is chloride-free, latex-free, and PVC-free along with being spongy and lightweight.

Pros: Best for the environment throughout its lifespan, i.e., from production to deterioration. Also, carries the tag of being
lightweight and affordable so it won’t hurt your pocket as well.

Cons: Some users have reported that the material was being too stretchy instead of sticking.

  • Yoga Mat Store Round Mat

Best For: Home Yoga and Meditation

Thickness: 6 mm

Weight: 4.535 kg

Size: 15.24 cm radii

Materials: Sturdy material that will never run out of the fashion.

Highlight: The Round Yoga Mat helps you to stick with your pose of the exercise. Is ideal for the fitness and yoga
practice along with the Pilates!

Review: The material is human-friendly, so it allows the children lie down whenever they feel free. You can use this
in any space that you have. Be it the living room or bedroom or any other living space of yours; this mat fits in every area of your abode.

It has been advised by many mat users and expert of not to wash the mat with rough chemical and detergents.
This will not only let the color go but also affects the mat-user in the long run. When you would lie down on the mat, you will get a feel-good factor too.

Pros: Has great space, so it provides you with the flexibility of doing whatever pose you want to take.

  • Gaiam Premium Print Mat

Best For: Yogis on a budget

Thickness: 5 mm

Weight: 2 kg

Size: 61 cm x 172 cm

Materials: PVC so would not stink or rot.

Highlight: Affordable with a huge choice of fun photo designs.

Review: The premier attraction that attracts everyone to this mat is the cost. The Gaiam Premium Print Mat would cost
you around $26.39 (prices will always vary).

If you want to get some extra attention while performing Yoga, then select from some of the best colors like peacock feathers
to symmetrical mandalas and bright pastels. So there something for everyone who wants to get the best of this Gaiam Premier Print Mat.

Gaiam is a well-known and respected brand within the yoga community. It is 5 mm thick and too lightweight in comparison.
It is made up of PVC which is not too environmental friendly. However, due to its non-reactive nature, the PVC material is considered to be too safe.

Pros: The affordability and the thoughtful, artistic designs allows this mat a too good and fit for the pro-yogi or beginners alike.

Cons: The durability is not guaranteed with the budget yoga mat. Even though Gaiam is a trusted brand for yoga mats, these mats don’t last long.

  • Manduka Eko Superlite Travel Yoga Mat

Best For: Travelling Yogis

Thickness: 1.5 mm

Weight: 1 kg

Size: 61 cm x 180 cm

Materials: Natural Tree Rubber

Highlight: Lightweight and slim at the same time, so easy to bring it along.

Review: The Manduka Eko Superlite Travel Yoga Mat is manufactured with the help of the woven material.
This material will not tear easily, thus is reliable. It will not stretch either.

The Manduka’s Yoga Mat is foldable like the towels. So this would reduce an extra baggage of yours. The Material has a
sweat-resistant cell that is specially designed so that the mat remains dry and clear. This will not affect in the short usage
but while you are using it for more extended period.

The Yoga Mat is grippy and thin as well. This has been to done to maintain the travel-friendliness of the Mat. If you are
practicing on a slippery floor, then this Mat is the best.

Pros: Portability is high along with being grippy. The reason being the material of natural tree rubber. Due to its weight
and foldability, it will fit even in the tightest suitcase or any other medium-sized holder.

Cons: The strong rubbery smell would repel you from the yoga mat. Also, the mat has lack of cushioning, so there are
chances of hurting your body parts.

  • Lululemon Reversible Mat

Best For: High-End and Pro Athletes and Other Professionals

Thickness: 5 mm

Weight: 2.38 kg

Size: 66 cm x 180 cm

Materials: Latex, Polyurethane, and Rubber

Highlight: Have anti-sweat and anti-microbial properties, so this would keep your hands free from sweat.

Review: This Lululemon Mat is the most expensive of this bunch, the price ranges to $62 to $68. The sweat absorption
property of this mat won’t allow you to slip from your mat in the middle of the ongoing class.

You would love this pink colored mat, but there are ten other styles. So that you are able to choose your favorite color too.
The mat can be easily cleaned and is spacious. It is also thick enough that will provide you with sufficient cushioning.

Pros: The Polyurethane would wick away your sweat and absorbs your skin moisture as well. Don’t fear; it’s anti-microbial.

Cons: If you are having some dry and non-sweaty kind of skin on the palm, then this mat will become slippery for you.

Wow!! Now when you have unleashed the top mats that you can trust, have a look and buy for yourself.

Author Bio :

Krima Flint is an Executive Editor at Dealslands. She Loves to explore her writing skills in leisure.

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