Benefits Of Yoga For Building Muscle And Tone

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There are as many as 36.7 million yoga practitioners in the U.S. alone. But while many take up yoga for its stress and anxiety-relieving capabilities, a growing number of people choose to trade in their weights for the toning and muscle building benefits that come with a yoga mat. Practicing yoga can offer everything you're wanting from a fitness regime — without ever needing to go to the gym!

Muscle Building Through Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise that can be done pretty much anywhere, since many of the poses don't require any special equipment. It enhances flexibility, endurance and muscle tone. Yoga poses offer a dual function. Some of the poses use your body weight to tone muscle, while others strengthen the muscles. For instance, bodyweight exercises such as the Chaturanga, a four-limbed staff pose, and Paripurna navasana, known as the boat pose, create muscle definition. Meanwhile poses like Trikonasana or the triangle pose engage the major muscle groups to strengthen and improve flexibility, balance, and muscle tone.

Boost Your Yoga Sessions

While yoga will give you great muscle strength and definition, if you are looking to bulk up and do so quickly you may find it isn’t vigorous enough. Some people will therefore opt for additional fitness supplements such as SARMS to help them strengthen their bones and gain muscle quickly and to help boost their yoga sessions. While they are known to have fewer adverse side effects than traditional anabolic steroids, they are still relatively new in the fitness world. Certain daily health supplements such as spirulina, turmeric, and pea and rice protein powder have also become popular to help people to not just feel great but also compliment regular yoga workouts.

Get The Most Out Of Yoga

Research has found that regular yoga practice can be just as effective as any stretch and strengthening exercises in helping to improve the fitness of older adults. To achieve a strong, well-toned physique you will need to keep your workouts challenging. While you should start with a beginner's level of yoga as your body gets used to the different poses, as your flexibility and strength increase, make sure you begin to practice more complex asanas to keep your muscles challenged. To make the most out of each workout, increase the pace at which you do each pose or try to hold each pose for longer and do more reps.

While a good yoga session will undoubtedly leave you feeling calmer and less stressed, it can also help you to keep your body strong and toned without the need to step foot in a gym. 

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