Benefits of Yoga for The Skin

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Author credit Jennifer Dawson
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Yoga is an exercise, a form of alternative medicine, and traditional form of relaxation and meditation dating back centuries. One part of your body that can benefit from yoga, in particular, is your skin. New forms of yoga, such as hot yoga, can help improve circulation and give you clearer skin in moderation. Approaches to yoga similar to facial yoga can decrease wrinkling in your skin. And yoga users may have less stretchy skin and obesity-related skin conditions.


It Removes Impurities

As a form of exercise and physical activity, yoga causes your heartbeat to increase, your capillaries to widen. This allows your blood, carrying oxygen and nutrients that make your skin healthier, to reach the surface layers of your skin more easily. Dirt and waste tend to gather under your skin and is released through sweating. Yoga tends to open your pores and make you sweat more, allowing you to release this grime under your skin just in time for a hot shower.

It Can Reduce Skin Aging

The stretching involved in yoga has many benefits. For your skin, stretching your body and maintaining poses can help areas of your skin that bend a lot such as your waist to breath more. This extra oxygen and time spent unpinched can lead to reduced wrinkles across your skin’s surface, and there is even a practice called facial yoga that puts this experience into practice to help reduce facial wrinkles.

Yoga Helps Your Skin Heal Sores, Fight Diseases, And More

Finally, people who practice yoga tend to see an improvement in mood. That might not sound skin related, but it can add up in a lot of little ways. Mental health has been directly connected to an increase in red patches of skin or skin diseases. Practicing yoga has also been tied to an increase in the sense of relaxation after a session. That leaves people smiling more, and more consistent smiling can reduce facial wrinkling and the appearance of laugh lines as you get older.

Yogi’s Unite

Yoga has many benefits, even if we're just focusing on your skin. It can help your body to exfoliate, removing dead skin cells and impurities under the top layer of your skin. It increases blood flow, which allows more energy and nutrients to reach your damage skin and heal it. It reduces apparent wrinkles and aging, making you look younger. And it boosts your mood, which can influence all of the above, helping your skin condition improve on the whole.

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