Being a spiritual leader at Tushitanepal yoga-meditation retreats, it is my pleasure to share some personal feeling and to let the yoga lovers know – facts and essence of yoga. Many people are aware of yoga-meditation for a healthy and happy life these days. However, still people have many layers of confusions / dilemmas regarding the origin and the essence of yoga. Therefore, I wished to provide authentic information to unveil misconception among yoga lovers- aiming for the restoration of world peace. Like a mirror, without any prejudice at all- I have attempted to reflect the object as it is. May the people understand with an apt conscience.

Everybody in this world is craving for happiness and peace but out of reach. Layers of life journey take people to unexpected different world. There came a crucial turning point in my life too- had to close all the seven business companies and plunged into spirituality. I was so exhausted visiting yoga centers, reading others thought/experience but remain unknown about my existence and purpose of life. So, in pursuit of truth, I thought of entering for 999 days long Yoga-Sadhana alone- myself. After a long wrestle, the mother-nature taught me the secret of bliss and beauty. I received comic energy and able to share noble messages; Disconnection with the Almighty Creator, living against the law of nature and unknown about the self are the main cause of all the sufferings. Knowledge is light that can efface fear, ego, lust and anger. All know “Health is Happiness” but very few know that healthy mind-body and soul (the three entities) is sine-qua-non for happiness and peace. Only by yogic life- a well civilized society can be thought for caring, sharing and growing together with love and light.

MEANING OF YOGA:  Yoga is a pure Sanskrit / Nepali word meaning ‘to add’ or ‘to connect’ with the supreme divine soul. Till today the word Yoga is used in mathematical term in Nepal and all the terminology of Yoga belongs to Nepali language. Yoga is the journey from the self- through the self and to the self. Flowing with the law of nature, accepting whatever the situation pain or pleasure - is Yoga. Indeed, living in now- connecting the divine energy and performing Dharma (duties) with utmost sincerity is yoga as per the teachings is Vedas.

WHY YOGA?  Yoga is the only royal road to the divine source- supreme consciousness. It is meant for a well-disciplined, happy- healthy- peaceful life. It enhances spiritual growth balancing material and spiritual life. Yoga is the only key for happiness and peace.

ORIGIN OF YOGA: Shiva Samita says that Guru Gorakshanath (awakened consciousness of Lord Shiva) taught Hatha Yoga to human beings for the first time in order to be connected and live a well disciplined and healthy life. Pious land of Nepal is the origin place of Tantra-Yoga and Meditation. Yogi Patanjali, born in Bhojpur district of Nepal 1500 BC and the compiler of Patanjali Yoga Sutra, is considered as the father of modern Yoga. Long later, Hindus of India came to Ruru Kshetra of Nepal (the original Rishikesh - birth place of Bhagawan Rishikesh) in order to learn Vedic culture and practiced yoga. Therefore, it is ridiculous that western world could not go beyond Indus valley civilization (Hindus of India-just 3500 yrs ago) whereas yoga has a written history of 12,000 years in Nepal. Recent archaeological findings in ancient caves of Mustang-Nepal disclosed by national geography, BBC, Elite-readers say that meditation was in practice 9,000 yrs before Hindus of India. However, we believe this practice is much older as Yoga-Meditation is one of the chapters of the 4th Veda- Atharvaveda.

THE VEDAS (book of knowledge) is the father of all the literature and scientific discoveries. Veda Vyasa, born in Damauli –Nepal is the compiler of ‘The Four Vedas’.  Creation of universe & nature, Astronomy, Astrology, Art, Music, Literature, Philosophy, Business, Ayurveda, Tantra- Yoga- Meditation and all the scientific discoveries has been described in Vedas. Hindus dwelling in Indus Valley civilization were the same Aryans migrated from the Himalayas of Nepal practicing same culture and traditions.

GREATER NEPAL had spread half of today’s India including Kashmir, Delhi, Agra, Calcutta, Eastern Sikkim, some part of Tibet including Holy Mt. Kailash (Manasarowar Lake). We have crystal clear evidence stamped from both side governments just 80 yrs ago. The name ‘India’ was given by the British ruler. Long before, it was Hindustan and called 'Bharat' because great emperor of Nepal called Bharat had ruled the whole Indian continent. Still his Kingdom Bharatpur lies in Narayanghat district of Nepal. So, the name of India “Bharat” itself inherits from great King Bharat.

LIMBS OF YOGA: There are 8 limbs of yoga- Yama (self restrain), Niyama (scriptural rules), Asana (sitting posture), Pranayama (breathing exercise), Pratyahara (with-drawl of senses), Dharna (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (salvation) as taught in Goraksha-Samhita. It cannot be called yoga if not followed all the eight limbs. Stretching body parts only do not make a Yogi. Otherwise, acrobats, athlete, swimmers, football players would be a yogi.

TYPES OF YOGA: Gyana Yoga (knowledge), Bhakti Yoga (devotion), Karma Yoga (selfless duty), Raja Yoga (purity), Mantra Yoga (Uttering powerful- Sanskrit words /mantras), Tantra Yoga (channelizing body energy), Hatha Yoga (activating male and female Nadis) are the types of yoga. Not to be confused by 1080 types of yoga styles named by Indians and Europeans. May you understand that yoga is just Yoga- like we call water for water. Do we say Nepali water or British water or American water? - No! Therefore, adjectives should not be kept before the word yoga. Hatha Yoga is the father of all the yoga styles. If they inhale- exhale from other holes than it can be named with different names but if they do pranayamas through nostrils stimulating Pingala (Ha) and Ida (Tha) nadis; then it is Hatha Yoga.


  1. It is a big misconception among yoga practitioners that they say Guru or Baba to any humans with long beard and ashes in forehead. He can be your spiritual guide, master, teacher only. Guru is the Sanskrit word meaning ‘The Divine Light’ that erases darkness/ignorance. Guru and Baba are the holy word to be uttered while expressing love to Almighty Guru Gorakshanath, (Go=Universe and Rakh= care taker) the creator of the universe and nature.
  2. Do you say doctorni to female doctor or engineerni to female engineer? No - ! So, why to say Yogini to female yogi. It is a human post / status received automatically when someone is well-cultured, disciplined, connected with the divine source and who lives in now and for others happiness.
    1. It is wrong to go around the temple clock-wise. People shall understand this statement if they know how the world is operated?, Tantra-Mantra- Yantra and the flow of nature. So, we must go around the temple anti-clock wise in order to receive positive energy. The basic fundament is- we must flow with the law of nature otherwise we suffer in every step. If we see around the flow nature and solar energy- it all moves anti-clockwise; revolution of planets, rotation of earth, wheel of creation, movement of hurricane, Swastika sign, astrological birth chart filling, animals sitting postures, climbing plants vein's upward movement, our body Chakra's Kundalini energy uprising, thumb's finger print, first movement in dance-race- sports whatsoever. Who tells a spider to make cobweb anti-clockwise? Or why all people use scarf / shawl/ muffler anti-clock wise? Somehow they do automatically- because it is a law of nature. So, let’s go around the temple anti-clockwise for receiving positive energy.
    2. People have wrong concept as if stretching body is yoga. Moreover, using mats do not let us to recharge our body energy with the mother earth. Scientists have discovered' the energy called Ions" that we can enhance health condition if we walk barefoot daily. This knowledge was already described in Vedas Verses as our body is full of electromagnetic currents and walking barefoot helps us in discharging and recharging earth' geo-magnetic currents in our body.
    3. A yogi must follow the 5 code of moral ethics. No cheating, no telling lie, no gambling, no killings, no illicit love/sex, no wine-alcohol, tobacco, meat products are allowed for yogis who really wish to move in the peace path.


                                                                                                                                       - Yogi Panchavedi

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             Rajesh Shrestha (Yogi Panchavedi) is the pioneer of:

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          Yogalaya (Yoga and meditation school)

          Freelance writer, photographer, book writer, music composer  

             Visiting lecturer in several universities of Nepal and Japan

But, now he closed all the seven companies and established Tushita-Nepal retreat resort for the noble cause. After a long wrestle, the mother-nature taught him the secret of bliss and beauty. He has completed 999 days Yoga and Meditation on Nagpanchami (Received FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE) and started a retreat resort amidst the nature- meant for those who are in pursuit of happiness and peace.


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