Does yoga help you lose weight?

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We all know that yoga offers a myriad of amazing benefits not just for the body but also for the mind and soul. However, while we’re sure that it does strengthen the muscles and improve your flexibility and balance, you might still wonder: does yoga help you lose weight? If so, how exactly? Continue reading to find out the answer!

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What is yoga?
Yoga is a practice that stimulates the mind, soul, and body. It traces its roots from Ancient Indian philosophy. Simply put, yoga involves a combination of various physical positions, breathing exercises, and relaxation or meditation.
In the recent years, it has evolved to be popularly known as a form of active physical exercise utilizing the asanas of the postures or poses. It is said to improve one’s control of the mind and body, thus enhancing the overall health and well-being.
Yoga has six unique branches representing various approaches to life and eight limbs representing the different aspects you must achieve. These aspects include meditation, breathing, integrity, concentration, and others.

Yoga and Weight Loss
When it comes to weight loss, your diet should always go hand-in-hand with physical exercise. Of course, the amount of calories you take in should be a little less than the amount of calories that you shed or burn.
The good news for yogis out there is that you can achieve this through an activity that you absolutely love: yoga! That makes your weight loss journey that much more bearable, exciting, and fun, doesn’t it?
Yoga can strengthen and tone your muscles, reduce stress levels, improve your overall well-being, and help you lose calories.

How does Yoga Help in Weight Loss?
In order to lose weight, you should consume the right food and burn enough calories. This is achieved by raising your heart rate so that your body uses stored fat or calories from food to produce energy.
It’s also about changing your lifestyle habits and making healthier choices. Yoga helps in weight loss by allowing you to connect and be more in tune with your body. It improves your mood, sense of well-being, and a positive self-image.
By reducing stress, it also prevents you from stress eating or engaging in other unhealthy practices you usually do when stressed. Since it also encourages you to be disciplined in changing your daily habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, doing yoga consistently can also help you maintain your weight in the long run.
More importantly, yoga lets you listen to your body and respond to different signals, it has helped numerous people who have previously struggled to shed pounds and keep them off. Yoga emphasizes a holistic approach to your health and weight loss.
Yoga instructor Rebecca Pacheco who has been practicing yoga for two decades and is the star of Women’s Health With Yogaworkout DVD says that yoga can help people lose weight because its essence is connecting the mind and the body.
According to Pacheco, this curbs emotional eating, allowing you to get the most out of every workout. She also said that being fully present to enjoy the full capacity of your body and mind working together strengthens you to go through the whole routine and your weight loss journey.
Pacheco also believes that positive thinking and directing your energy on how you feel rather than focusing on having to remove parts of yourself to lose weight gives better results. Feeling confident and empowered helps you stay motivated and have an improved approach to yoga and working out.
While yoga offers all of these benefits, however, studies show that it may not be sufficient for sustaining weight loss. It does not raise your heart rate as much as other activities like running, biking, walking, and other aerobic exercises.
Of course, there are more vigorous kinds of yoga that work better in burning calories than gentler versions. However, if weight loss is your main goal, it should definitely be combined with a proper diet and other forms of exercise. 

So, does yoga help you lose weight? Absolutely! It helps in many aspects, not just on the physical sense. However, you should still remember that a holistic approach to a more effective and sustainable weight loss involves a change in eating habits, lifestyle, and mindset as well.

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