How A Yoga Retreat Can Reset Your Family’s Balance

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Author credit Jennifer Dawson
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If you’re finding it difficult to provide the safe, contented childhood you had hoped to give your children, you’re far from alone. A recent survey has revealed that two thirds of grandparents and parents feel that childhood is worse than ever, and over 2 million children in the UK agree. From worries about bullying and social media pressures, to concern for the environment and political uncertainties, today’s families are feeling the strain, and it’s affecting young people’s mental and physical wellbeing. Taking the whole family on a yoga retreat can help to restore a little harmony by encouraging mindfulness, resetting sleep patterns that may be disrupted by school pressures or technology overload, and bringing everyone together in a shared experience of a new culture and philosophy.

 The physical impact of modern life

Today’s young people are experiencing a physical health crisis. One in five British children is obese by the age of 11, and the constant use of mobile phones and tablets is affecting posture, putting growing spines under pressure, as well as disrupting the sleep which children and teenagers need for healthy development. Further, the number of children affected by allergies is rising, with the figure for those needing hospital treatment rising by 65% across England in the last five years. 

The holistic approach encouraged on yoga retreats can help with every aspect of these problems — from modelling healthy eating to asanas, which can ease the congestion and inflammation caused by allergies. If someone in your family has allergies, make sure you advise the retreat when booking. Then, having taken the necessary precautions, you can relax and enjoy watching your kids learning habits for happier, healthier bodies.

Giving young people their youth back

The Mental Health Foundation estimate that as many as 8-11% of children and adolescents experience an anxiety disorder of some kind.  For many, yoga is a powerful tool to help with calming and rebalancing the mind. There is also a huge benefit in your young person seeing you beside them, also taking part and learning. It can open a new dialogue between you, and encourage them to see that you are open and engaged with their feelings. 

Resetting the grownups

Of course, the joy of a family yoga retreat is that it helps all members of the family, not just the younger members! Mental health charities estimate that 74% of British adults are affected by stress, often to the point where they feel overwhelmed. Taking your family to a safe, positive place can help you to rediscover your strength, and learn coping mechanisms for life at home.   

Modern life brings so many pressures that it’s easy to see why parents and young people alike are finding their physical and mental health affected. A family yoga retreat is the perfect opportunity to reset your children’s balance, and bring you closer together. You can also learn strategies and exercises to keep you centered and healthy at home. It could be the best thing you do for your family this year. 

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