Integrating Yoga Into Everyday Life As A Tool For Self Improvement

Author credit Jennifer Dawson
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Yoga is one of the oldest forms of self-improvement in recorded history, beginning in the Indus Saraswati Valley in 2700 BCE. From its origins, yoga teachings have emphasized that individuals should master their own destinies through achieving harmony between mind and body. Whenever we feel a lack of motivation, yoga can give us the boost we need to assert control over our surroundings, making it an integral component to regaining self-worth and coping with negative energy. 


Taking Responsibility

During yoga, is not necessarily important to be physically flexible but rather, to improve your posture and balance through a series of mind-body practices. In the same vein, yoga teachings emphasize that individuals need to hold themselves accountable for their own actions. For instance, if you are struggling with a physical condition such as allergies or inflammation, doing yoga helps ensure that your body is in the strongest possible position to fight the ailments it faces, helping you to find relief. By practicing yoga, you are working to help ensure that you are you best self in mind and body, which will leave you more prepared to take control over your actions. 

Emphasizing Small Victories

Practicing yoga everyday helps encourage the accumulation of small victories, which is important for developing good life habits in the long term. For instance, among other things, yoga emphasizes good habits such as paying attention to the immediate surroundings, instead of relying on external sources (such as smartphones or computers) to satisfy our interests. Doing yoga trains the mind to perform these good habits, encouraging a framework of self-sufficiency for the rest of the day. This is also why many competitive athletes and trainers do yoga alongside their intense training routines: although it is also a form of exercise, yoga gives the body a period to de-stress, preventing overuse when the body is in overdrive for long periods of time. 

Learning To Let Go

Yoga training provides the tools needed to remove negative energy from your mind and life. Negative thinking is contagious, resulting in more negativity that impacts your daily actions. Instead of holding onto negative thoughts or even people who are drowning in negativity, it is important to release control over the aspects of your life that you cannot change. Yoga is a time to purge anything associated with negative energy out of your life in order to achieve a fuller harmony. If you are struggling to release negativity and process difficult emotions, yoga therapy may be a good option for helping you achieve harmony under the guidance of a trained yoga counselor to work through your fears. 

The shift to taking responsibility for ourselves is a key step in accessing the power of yoga as a means of self-improvement. The results are truly transformative, allowing individuals to access their fullest potential through strengthening the link between mind and body through daily practice.

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