Take Your Yoga Holiday Home

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Author credit Jennifer Dawson
Photo by Antonika Chanel on Unsplash

Have you recently taken a yoga holiday? With estimates of 300,000-460,000 people in the UK  practicing yoga, you are not alone. Like countless yogis before you, a yoga retreat was the ideal experience for you to create space for personal growth, meet like minded individuals from all over the globe, and connect with your inner self in a structured and focused way. The great news is, your yoga holiday doesn’t have to stop at the end of your stay. You can take your yoga holiday home and enjoy the benefits of your retreat any and every day. 

Making Yoga Part of Your Everyday, Even at Home 

For many yogis, a yoga holiday is the first opportunity they have taken to bring the physical side of their practice to the next level. The delicious indulgence of giving yourself the gift of yoga every single day, or more, becomes irresistible and must be satisfied upon return. A slew of benefits can be realized through daily yoga practice including an increase cognitive functioning and heightened serotonin levels. This can be achieved with as little as 15 minutes of daily practice. You don’t have to go anywhere to practice yoga. You can create an inviting space in your home that allows you to practice and reconnect to that experience any day.

Create Physical Space 

Job Monkey’s Yoga Business Plan recommends 21 square feet of space per practitioner in a studio. It’s easy to find that small amount of space big enough to effectively practice yoga at home. Room enough for your mat with clearance for your extended arms and legs is perfectly suitable. Hard floors will be advantageous but not completely necessary if your space is carpeted. Clear the clutter from the area to minimize distractions but do include decorative or personal pieces that will mark the space for its purpose. A framed photo from your retreat, a potted plant, or a piece of art that has a calming presence would work beautifully.

Consider the layout of your home when choosing where to set up your yoga space. If you have a room with lots of windows or one window in particular that has a nice view, you may find that more appealing than in a darker area. Setting up in front of a cozy fireplace will help heat things up in cooler months and add to an atmosphere conducive to that everyday holiday feeling you are trying to capture. Don’t overlook outdoor spaces when the weather is suitable. Practicing outdoors is an excellent opportunity to connect with nature, even in an urban environment.

Create Mental Space

Yoga is far more than just the sequenced poses carried out on your mat. Take some time to reflect on your holiday. What were the surroundings like? Can you visualize a scenic overlook or garden pathway? Can you hear the sound of waves or birds? Take stock of all of the visual, auditory, and internal stimuli received over the course of your retreat and how you felt while taking it all in. This feeling represents the very essence of your experience and by consciously calling attention to it, you can appreciate it any time.

Record and Revisit Your Holiday 

Research published by the Association for Psychological Science shows that writing things down, pen to paper, allows us to process and absorb things at a much higher level. If you kept a journal while on your retreat, revisit those words from time to time as a reminder of the thoughts you had during the experience. Jogging those memories will keep them fresh and at the forefront of your mind. They are available to you at any time. 

Yoga is a state of mind and it can be accessed anytime you desire. Whether the latest was your first or you’ve had the fortune to participate in numerous yoga holidays, you can harness the healing powers of that retreat in your own home any and every day.

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