The Benefits Of Doing Yoga On A Boat

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Author credit Jennifer Dawson

It’s estimated that 142 million Americans went boating in recent years, equating to 36% of U.S. households. While fishing and lazing about can be an enjoyable way to spend your day, more people are starting to practice yoga aboard, enjoying the relaxation and simple exercise it offers. Doing yoga on a boat offers many additional benefits, including great mental and physical effects.

It encourages mindfulness

Research repeatedly shows that yoga and mindfulness go hand-in-hand and yoga is classed as a technique that can be used in mindfulness exercises. Additionally, spending time outdoors is beneficial for many reasons, including getting fresh air, vitamin D, boosting immunity and mood, and natural light is linked to an improved outlook. Studies suggest that spending time in nature reduces anxiety and stress too. So, putting these two together by doing yoga on a boat can have a strong effect. Boats offer a great environment to connect with mother nature where you can listen to the waves, take in the views, and find some peace while reaping all the mental and psychical benefits too.

Your balance will be tested

Yoga is all about balance and strength, so practicing it on a boat where the waves will change the workout every time adds a new element. For people with years of yoga experience, it’s a great way to add more of a challenge to workouts, as well as keep things interesting. For beginners, doing yoga on a boat can be what entices them in the first place, sparking a passion for yoga. An easy yoga pose to try that will help with your balance is the tree pose where you stand on one leg and bring the other foot onto your thigh (or lower if you need to). Try to hold this for longer each time you do it. You can then move onto the Warrior III pose where you stand on one leg and bring the other one up behind you while tilting forward with your arms out until you’re parallel with the ground.

Yoga can be a welcomed distraction 

Some people love traveling by boat and others hate it, but sometimes it’s a necessary part of a journey. For those who don’t enjoy sailing, doing yoga can be a much-needed distraction. People who experience seasickness can use yoga to distract themselves from feelings of nausea and even use different breathing techniques to help relieve symptoms. Focusing on movements and poses can also distract from fears or worries, such as a sudden change in the weather, helping people to control their emotions and feel more at ease. 

Yoga can be done on boats for various reasons as it offers many benefits, from being a great workout that's easy to do in tight spaces to distracting from seasickness. Whether someone is traveling by boat, lives their life on the sea, or just want a way to step-up their yoga routines, everyone should try yoga on a boat.

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