The Yogi Gear: Yoga Essential Kit for the Complete Beginner

yogaholiday The Yogi Gear Yoga Essential Kit for the Complete Beginner

In the search for a stronger mind, a healthier body, and a better over-all disposition; more and more people are becoming yogis. If you have decided that yoga is the workoutforyou; then we’ve got you. Just read through this yoga essentials beginners’ yoga kit guide, and you’re all set. 

The Yoga Mat

Although you can technically do yoga on the floor, it can be difficult and dangerous. As you work your way through the basic poses and exercises, you’ll need to be on your back, on your knees, or your front; and unless your floors are padded or carpeted, this can be really uncomfortable. Furthermore, once you start sweating the negativity and the fat out, there is a risk that you might slip and injure yourself. That is why you need the yoga mat.   The yoga mat is usually a lightweight, non-slip, and absorbent 24”x 68” foam mat that can help you feel more comfortable as you follow your instructor. Although the size of the mat is pretty standard, its thickness and material can vary depending on your comfort and preference. Don’t forget to get a good colour as well, that may help you get motivated.  

The Yoga Blocks

As an added benefit, yoga can improve your flexibility; but it’s not instantaneous. As a beginner, you are not expected to do all the complicated poses off the bat; you can try but it is not expected. This is where the yoga blocks come in.   There are all kinds of yoga blocks available in the market today; but the standard size is in 4”x6”x9”. These blocks are set in place so that you can follow the poses without straining your body or frustrating yourself. It basically raises the floor for you so you can reach the floor without really reaching the floor. Again, depending on your preference you can get foam, marbled foam, bamboo, cork, and other types of yoga blocks to make your journey to body harmony less turbulent.  

The Hand and Yoga Towels

Hand and yoga towels are usually used for wiping your face, limbs, and other body parts that will be sweating during your yoga session. But some yogis lay out their mat-sized yoga towel on their yoga mat as an added precaution against in-routine slippage.

The Water Bottle

Yoga can be both relaxing and intense. But regardless of the session that you’ll be participating in; don’t forget to drink water. Studies have shown that you can get the most out of your exercise routine when you keep yourself hydrated.  

The Carrier or Bag

When you get your essentials in order, you have to find the most convenient way to carry them; and this is where the carrier comes in. Although some mats and blocks come with straps and carriers, getting your own carrier or gym bag can help you carry around your yoga kit without leaving anything behind. Aside from the determination to get the most out of your yoga experience, a yoga mat, yoga blocks, towels, a water bottle, and a carrier is all there is to your yoga essentials beginners’ yoga kit. If you want to check out some yoga kit essentials, you can go to the mall or click here to see the many choices that the market has to offer. Good luck and Namaste.  

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