What To Wear On Your Next Yoga Retreat

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Yoga may be a highly spiritual pursuit, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego your love for fashion at your next yoga retreat. There are so many brands specialising in yoga gear that it can be a little confusing to narrow your choices down. The good news is that with just a few updates to your sports wardrobe, you can look chic while harnessing yoga's soul soothing benefits in a dream destination that will enrich your spirituality and enable you to meet people with shared interests. By mixing and matching, bringing items that work as well in class as during leisure time, and by choosing comfortable, breathable fabrics, you will feel like a pro yogi in no time.

The Power of Inspirational Prints


These days, yoga outfits look just as good on the mat as they do having a cup of tea in a trendy terrace. Yoga bottoms, for instance, don’t have to be made of tight fitting monochromed lycra; they can be soft and stretchy and flared. They can also sport beautiful colors that hark back to Eastern tradition. Match your brightly colored yoga bottoms with a loose fitting T-shirt to look chic without losing out on comfort.

Upping the Sustainability Factor

If you take sustainability seriously, consider buying yoga outfits made of hemp and other natural fabrics which are ethically sourced and manufactured. Hemp fabrics can contain UPFs of 30 or higher, so this will be a great investment for your skin’s health as well. Ensure any clothing you choose is breathable, and that it will not chafe skin. The material should also be elastic enough to enable you to perform all your asanas with the greatest of ease.

Acing the Boho Chic Vibe

Yoga lends itself to what iscurrently a major trend on the fashion scene: the boho movement. To get the hippy chic look right, layer your yoga tops, using a fitting top covered by a loose sleeveless top that is neutrally in tone but low cut in the sides, so that the layers are visible. Accessories are everything when it comes to this style; consider inspired jewellery pieces that are small and fitting so they do not to bother you during your workout. Small lotus-shaped studs, a feminine choker graced with elephants or blooms, and layered friendship, leather and fabric based bracelets will up the chic factor of an otherwise simple look.

Purchasing a Designer Item or Two

Sports fashion brands like Teeki are raising the bar for yoga fashion in a major way, with bottoms and taps boasting visionary designer prints. Think faded denim looks bearing the lightest touch of tie dyed effects and dramatic geometric prints running down the side of the bottoms, or yoga clothing boasting stripes that bear the different phases of the moon. Be Love apparel, meanwhile, features spiritually inspired apparel that is ethical, sustainable, and that bears cool positive messages that can help give yogis a welcome buzz.

If fashion is a big area of interest and you are excited about building a yoga wardrobe for your next retreat, jazz up what you already own with accessories but don’t feel guilty about buying a few new items that will make you feel extra special. Bold new designs have shown that sportsware no longer needs to be purely functional. See what top designer are up to and try to imitate the coolest looks with affordable fashion if you are on a budget. Above all, make sure to capture your looks and share them with fellow fashion buffs. Who knows? You may just spark a new trend.

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