What You Need to Do to Fit Yoga Practice into Your Busy Schedule? How to Practice Yoga When You Are Busy?

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Life gets busy, doesn’t it? While yoga practice in its very nature bids you to slow down, the reality of life is that there are lots of school or work schedules which cannot stop. Think of the assignment that needs to be submitted, the housework that needs to be done, career and work deadlines to be met, and the family-related responsibilities to be accomplished.

What does all this mean? Fitting yoga in your busy schedule is about committing, using the little free time, or, at times, trading off some responsibilities.

But there are some ways through which you can conveniently practice yoga amid your busy life. This is how.


  1. Be Flexible Enough to Let Your Yoga Look Different

How often do you get stuck in your routine ways? We all do get stuck. At some time, you could have been adopted Vinyasa yoga practice for an hour each day. And now, your life is bustling with activity, and you feel like anything short of an hour of exercise is a complete failure. However, there is something so special about yoga.

Even fifteen minutes of yoga poses instead of a full hour of practice, or meditation before you wake in the morning, or five minutes of deep breathing can have a significant impact.

With a busy life, all you need is to let your practice evolve based on your energy levels and free time. It is okay to break the set rule depending on how the situation at hand: the most important thing is you getting some time to practice.

Research indicates that a few yoga poses have the impact of improving chronic low-back pain and increase function through better movement. Additionally, such poses have the effects of reducing the risk of blood pressure and heart rate, depression, as well as anxiety (1).

Think of this: if you can dedicate five minutes to breathe during your lunch break, 20 minutes to practice asana after the kids have retired to bed, and another 10 minutes to meditate before you sleep would give you a total of 35 minutes of yoga built upon small commitments out of flexibility.

  1. Drinks Lots of Water

According to you, what is nourishment? Well, there is a tendency to think of nourishment as what is in the food we eat, but there is more to it - the water we drink is so important.

What is the trick to drinking enough water if you practice yoga? Well, having a glass of water in the morning and throughout the day means that your body will be adequately hydrated for the practice.

Especially, water is important before any of your major meals. Should you drink eight ounces of water thirty minutes ahead of your yoga practice, then you will not need to drink any water during your yoga sessions.

What you need to avoid is water just before or during your yoga practice sessions: drinking water at this time would be akin to pouring water over a fire you are trying to build.

What does research say on hydration and exercise? Adequate hydration implies prolonged endurance to perform your exercises without much of burnout. Therefore, staying adequately hydrated will enable you to practice for longer (2).

The problem lies with getting to drink eight ounces of water. But I have a secret for you, all you need is a fruit infuser water bottle. Since the body is almost entirely made of water, drinking enough water is key to a healthy lifestyle. As a yogi, yoga wear, yoga mats, and a water bottle to keep you hydrated are a few practice staples. A fruit infuser water bottle is reusable and portable so that you won’t worry about dehydration during your practice. All your favorite herbs and fruits for a better focus and meditation during yoga.

  1. Involve the Kids

Have not been involving your kids in your yoga, then it is time you started allowing them to take part in the practice. It is exciting to watching your kids find something they finally can get to enjoy, especially when they do it with you. What does it take? Well, all your kids will need is your instruction on how to do complete a few yoga poses, and they will be ready to join you in practice.

The outcome of involving the kids in your yoga practice is that all of a sudden, you realize that you could fit yoga into your busy schedule more often. Even though the practice involves breathing, moving, and a few poses, you are bound to realize enormous benefits.

What if you have a teenage kid and you feel like you should be home to monitor their behavior? You could kill two birds with a single stone – just bring them along to your yoga class.

Yoga has a myriad of benefits for you and your kids. Through yoga, your kids will experience minimal levels of anxiety and stress. Their autonomic function will improve through the enhancement of neurohormonal mechanisms. Yoga also helps to keep cancers at bay (3).

The moment you involve your kids in your yoga practice, you realize a great way of fitting yoga practice into your busy schedule. That time you could have taken watching over your kids could be easily converted into a yoga session together with them, and it would greatly enhance the quality of your family time while training them on healthy lifestyle habits.

  1. Make Your Yoga Practice a Priority

Yoga doesn’t end with it being a priority, you need to commit to it. It is inevitable that you will run short on time, and your first reaction involves the tendency to cut out things from your to-do list. In most cases, when this happens, we tend to cut out things we do for our own sake as opposed to things we do for others.

For instance, you will quickly skip a yoga class to meet a friend in town who wants to talk to you. I am not asking you to cut others out of your list, but I mean to make you realize that only when you are at your best can you give the best to your family as well as those close to you. This way, all parties get to benefit.

I ask you to set realistic and achievable yoga goals. Even if it means setting aside twenty minutes each day for your yoga practice, it is critical that you commit to it by ensuring that you practice each day.

Otherwise, you will realize that you have started slipping. If you have yoga classes to attend, make your reservations a week ahead of the lessons to enable you to plan and be accountable.

The essence of commitment is to keep your yoga practice regular. As the Harvard University suggests on its health blog, it is important to ensure that your practice is regular. Regular exercise is critical in realizing significant changes which improve your thinking and memory skills (5).

I have opted to add my yoga classes to my calendar as part of the non-negotiable activities, and I have become more committed to my yoga.

  1. Do Not Beat Yourself When a Session Slips by

It is only normal that at times, we will fail to meet our yoga practice expectations. Even when you are trying your best to stick to and observe to your schedule, it is inevitable for things to go as unexpected at some time. Once in a while, your kid will be unwell, or you will get stuck at school or work, or you could fall sick yourself? Do you feel guilty for something you had little control over?

The best thing is to brush off the dust and rise to the occasion another day. To a great extent, yoga teaches us kindness. The best way of learning yoga is to try to be kind to ourselves. When we truly are pressed, it is only reasonable that we let the day pass as we objectively look forward to another opportunity to practice yoga.

How do you manage to incorporate yoga into your busy schedule? Share with us and let us make yoga part of our lifestyle.



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