Eco-friendly links


World Wildlife Fund

The Green Providers Directory: links to hundreds of organic, green goods and services

Demeter International, biodynamic agriculture

Organic India: organically grown foods, health products, medicinal herbs, teas and herbal supplements

Garden organic (UK)

Organic consumers association (US)

Global food waste

Beginner’s Guide To Seed Saving

Composting 101

How to Eat Ethically and Sustainably

How to Design an Edible Landscape

Reducing Food Waste

Getting Started with Green Living

Shopping Green for Your Pet

Guide to Green Parenting

Finding and Organizing Green Storage

Guide to Green Modifications for the Home

The Problem with Disposable Coffee Cup Recycling

Lower your carbon footprint

Making your ecommerce store eco friendly

How to Adapt your Business to become Environmentally Friendly

How to make compost at home

"The How-To Guide for Home Composting"

Personal Creations’ comprehensive guide on "What Can Be Composted", along with what items should be avoided.

100% natural handmade soap

Sustainable living on a budget

The Eco-Friendly Guide to Cleaning Your Home