Platinum Healing - Sussex, UK

I am still buzzing following the retreat. I lost 7lb while on the retreat, but for me it was about so much more than just weight loss. I feel like with your support I hit my 'reset' button.

My eating habits and frame of mind have completely changed. The added bonus is that my new healthy habits are having positive influence on my family too. My friends and family have commented on how glowing and clear my skin looks and that my smile is reaching my eyes again.

As well as eating a cleaner, more alkaline diet. I am drinking a cleansing drink every morning, drinking more water. Increased my exercise, walking, Pilates and yoga. I am meditating on a daily basis. And just feel so present, if that makes sense?

With your support I feel like I am living again, you have given me my life back and will be eternally grateful.

Laura Corcoran - UK