Yoga and ayurveda in Ulpotha, Sri Lanka

I decided to do something a bit different for my winter holiday this year and, based on i-escape's review, booked myself a week at Ulpotha. Once again, i-escape did not disappoint. It was an amazing experience.

Ulpotha the retreat is, in effect, an extension of Ulpotha the village, and it felt like paradise. Here's why:

-The staff, most of whom are from the village, clearly love being there and it showed: we were made to feel at home.
- You're really close to nature. I hadn't realized how loud it gets at night in the jungle, but I slept well and, strangely, I had really vivid dreams. The landscape is beautiful and you can see why they call Sri Lanka the Garden of Eden - it is a lush land rich in natural resources.

- There was plenty to do: yoga, swimming, bike riding, excursions, but none of it felt regimented. One could choose to participate or not without feeling guilty.
- The fresh, organic, vegetarian food was so good that I didn't miss meat or fish. There is no fridge at Ulpotha so the food is made fresh for every meal and most of the ingredients are organically grown at the village.
- It's an interesting mix of people that choose to go on such a holiday and I liked the company, but I had plenty of time and space to myself.
- The combination of a positive vibe, beautiful setting and basic but comfortable facilities made it more relaxing (more so than the spa resorts I've been to).

Read the i-escape review or the ones on the Ulpotha site to get a bette read on the place.

All in all, I will never forget the Christmas I spent in such a magical place. Long may Ulpotha continue.