Authentic Himalayan Vedic Retreat

I feel compelled to write this as I’ve recently come back from a most rewarding and beautiful trip to the Himalayas.

I stayed at Satvik Sadan which is about a 7 hour drive of train trip from Delhi.

I went on a yoga break which included several hours of personalized yoga instruction per day (the asanas taught were only the ones that would be of maximum benefit to my constitution and imbalances) as well as spiritual guidance and meditation.

The cuisine is designed to compliment each guests constitution and is light and delicious. Guests are encouraged to participate in the kitchen to learn the recipes and techniques themselves to continue the Satvik lifestyle practices at home.

BUT even more wonderful than the above is the location of the retreat, within the mountains, overlooking the peaks of the majestic Himalayas and beautiful valleys below.  The property is covered with flowers and trees, it’s a birds paradise and often guests can see Eagles soaring above whilst doing the morning yoga class in the rose garden.  There are wonderful mountains to climb and nature walks for all levels of fitness.

There are only 12 rooms at the retreat, its small and personalized.  The couple that own and manage it are fully involved with each and every guest (also the price is very reasonable and affordable which is so often not the case with specialised Yoga travel and ofcourse suitable for the current economic climate and following lifestyle/travel trends).  The staff are amazing!  I had a massage every day on my balcony over looking the mountains- it was sublime.  Shukla Acharya is an inspirational spiritual master and one can’t help but feel elevated in his presence.

I can’t endorse this retreat highly enough and I am keen to spread the word to the right people. I will be returning to Satvik soon, to study further (till the end of the year to do my teachers training and a Satvik Lifestyle Counsellor course. Very exciting)