Bella Sardinia - Yoga in Sardinia

"A very memorable holiday! Even before arriving, every detail was planned to ensure that all ran smoothly. John and Maria whisked everyone away from the airport and our holiday had started!

This was a holiday, not a retreat, and to my mind combined the best of both worlds. The yoga sessions, one before breakfast with Phil and one before dinner with Gill, were planned by two experienced (and lovely!) teachers to be a perfect balance of revitalisation and relaxation, postures and breathing, and seemed to be equally beneficial for beginners and the more adept yoga students. Whether it was sun prayers or walking meditation; the dog or the cat; we all loved it! By the end of the week I felt much stronger both physically and mentally. By some strange magic of the yoga and the wonderful Sardinian air I managed to feel both more relaxed and more alert at the same time!

The ambience of the hotel was very gentle - beautiful rooms, lingering over breakfast, warm sunny mornings spent in the beautiful gardens and a homecoming every evening to our yoga and then dinner – home-cooking, local wine, lots of talk about the day – what could be better?

I was surprised at the extent of the daytime trips – although nothing was rushed we managed to go walking, swimming and sightseeing in lots of beautiful places. One day that stands out was the visit to Maria’s parents’ vineyard and the lunch on the long table surrounded by acres of sunny vines. (And I learnt how to peel a prickly pear!) Everyone went out of their way to make us feel welcome and nothing was too much trouble for John and Maria.

I shall be going back to visit my new friends and see some more of the lovely island of Sardinia.

Lynne B. UK