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About the eight limbs of yoga

Cultivate the ground with Yama and Niyama, living morally and ethically because it is the only way to live, the only possibility if you seek spiritual growth.

Plant your seeds with a controlled and aware body. Thought the practice of Asanas, become strong and flexible enough to sit straight and still for long periods of time

Give your young plant food for growth with plenty of Pranayama, breath control, in many patterns and timings, held in and out. Your body and mind will quiet.' themselves with the aid of the breath awareness.

Pratyahara is the ability of the young plant of your Yoga Sadhana to hold up to the onslaughts of the outer world as reported back to you by your senses. Many are the enemies for the tender seed, so be aware.

Take root firmly in your body, breath and mind, and reach Dharana. Hold to one spot. let your roots go deep. Bend not in the wind, nor before the rain. Grow straight and tall, true and sincere to your purpose, your spiritual goal.

If you have cultivated your garden, planted good seeds, provided proper nutrients, and fresh air-, withstood the predators of the world as reported to you by your senses ..... if you have remained true to your spiritual goal and sincere. if you have held yourself body, heart and mind to one spot, in a one-pointed desire for perfection ... then ......
The bud of Dhyana may appear on the plant of your life, if your Karma and the grace of God so wills it. Do not pluck It. Tend to it carefully.

At the right moment, at the right place, when all 'first works have been done first" the lovely sun may rise of a morning and touch the bud of your aspiration .... and the full flowering of all that has gone before will unfold .... Samadhi ... the magnificent flower of Sincere Yoga Sadhana.

Hold on to this vision. Work for it.

Give over and into the Divine. He is a great gardener. He will make you grow.

By Yogamaharishi Swami Gitananda