How to prepare for your yoga teacher training

Anyone who decides to become a yoga teacher, or take part in a yoga teacher training course or retreat will be well aware that they require time, effort and usually a fairly hefty financial investment. For that reason teacher training courses are often a life changing experience for those who take part. Here, SBC Yoga owner Zoe Trentwith offers advice on how to prepare for taking a yoga teacher training retreat. 1. Know what to expect during the course. What is the schedule like, how many breaks will you have, do you get breakfast or lunch breaks, are there any days off. What is the daily schedule like and what is expected of you throughout the course. Make sure you’re well informed and try to ask the following questions: 1. Are there any pre-requisites? 2. Is there a required reading list? 3. Are there any pre-course assignments to be completed? 4. How many classes are there each day? 5. How much free time is there for study outside of course times? 6. How much homework will be set? 7. What assessments and exams will there be and how often are they? 8. What is the requirement to pass the course? 2. Make sure your travel and visa requirements are organized well in advance. Having your travel plans arranged well in advance helps to avoid last minute crises and stress. 3. Ensure you have all your medical and personal supplies up to date and ensure you have enough to cover the length of the training. Depending on where your training is being held you may not have access to your normal medical and personal products. 4. Spending some time on your asana practice in the weeks and months leading up to the coursewill help to prepare you for the demands of an intense training. However make sure that you don’t overdo it. The last thing you want is to have to nurse and injury throughout the training. 5. Spend some time analyzing your practice. What poses do you like/dislike? What poses do you want to work on or learn more about throughout the training? What are your strengths and weaknesses? This will help you to get the most out of your training. 6. Most importantly rest and nurture yourself, come to the training well rested and with an open mind. SBC Yoga is based in Australia and offer yoga courses and yoga teacher training retreats, with forthcoming courses and retreats in Bali, Thailand and Australia. SBC Yoga aims to provide high quality teaching at low prices to make yoga teacher training more accessible, less about money, more about enjoyment of yoga practice