Yoga Treatment for Infertility – Ancient Methods for Getting Pregnant

Couples who are having trouble conceiving a baby sometimes have to rely on high-tech medical procedures like in vitro fertilization to improve their chances of bearing a child. But are there non-invasive practices that can improve a couple’s chances of conception? Many people, including scientists, believe that fertility yoga improves a couple’s chances of conceiving. Fertility yoga follows traditional principles of yoga, but the poses are specifically adapted to address circulation in the reproductive system, and to reduce the stress people can experience if they are having trouble conceiving. One study performed by Harvard Medical School found an increase in conception rates among women who attended “fertility retreats” that addressed mind and body through yoga. Though it is not known whether the practice of yoga was what caused the higher conception rates, the correlation between yoga and conception was clear.

Fertility Yoga for Women and Men

Fertility problems don’t just affect women. Though people commonly think of low fertility as being a problem of the female’s reproductive system and hormonal balances, there are cases where the male’s reproductive system is not working optimally. If sperm count is low, or a man experiences problems with erectile dysfunction, the chances of conceiving a child drop. In some cases, both the male and female have issues with their reproductive tracts that contribute to low fertility. Fertility yoga is for both men and women. This type of yoga can actually increase the quality, count, and mobility of sperm. The mental and emotional benefits of fertility yoga apply to both men and women, improving relationships between partners. Couples who practice yoga together learn better communication, both verbally and non-verbally. The quality time spent together practicing yoga helps alleviate some of the feelings of pressure involved with medical regimens like timed sexual relations so that both partners feel more sexual passion. But even if only one partner has been diagnosed with limited fertility, practicing fertility yoga as a couple can be beneficial. Improved communication and better body awareness have benefits that go beyond the bedroom and beyond the desire to conceive.

Yoga Effects on Stress

Whether a person is trying to conceive a child or not, yoga is known to be a very effective practice for reducing stress. Likewise, stress is a common problem in today’s busy lifestyle. Unfortunately, having difficulty conceiving increases stress levels, which may result in higher levels of stress hormones, and this can lead to further difficulty conceiving as well as problems like erectile dysfunction in men. With fertility yoga, like with all yoga practices, the student learns to emphasize proper breathing and development of an internal sense of peace. Proper breathing is an excellent, natural way to lower stress levels and to lower the production of stress hormones like cortisol, which may interfere with reproductive function. Learning to let go of toxic emotions allows a couple to gain calm insight into their journey toward conception. Medical fertility treatments can be very stressful, because they directly affect the woman’s levels of hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and follicle stimulating hormone. Yoga teaches calm acceptance of the situation, so that the effects of stress on fertility are minimized. By developing a positive attitude, and regaining better mind-body balance, stress levels drop, and medical interventions have their best chance at being successful. Furthermore, many couples find that fertility yoga classes provide an environment of emotional safety and wisdom, helping them overcome the feeling of isolation that many couples experience when they undergo medical treatments to try to conceive.

Types of Fertility Yoga

No two fertility yoga classes are alike, but many of them draw on the same yoga traditions. Couples may want to try out several different types of fertility yoga classes in order to find one that is the best fit for them physically, mentally, and emotionally. All fertility yoga classes will emphasize proper breathing, improved flexibility, and better blood flow to the reproductive tract. Most place emphasis in gentle movements in a calm, peaceful environment allowing the body to relax and let go of stress as a way of improving relaxation and nurturing a calm, accepting frame of mind. Kripalu yoga is another style of fertility yoga, combining asanas with deep breathing exercises. Kripalu yoga is designed to improve the mind-body connection, helping couples progress in their fertility journey with the best possible attitude. Fertility yoga classes designed specifically for couples are a relatively new phenomenon. Couples fertility yoga has both partners learning the specific poses and is designed to improve their connection with each other as partners. These classes have more emphasis on increasing intimacy levels and improving communications between partners so that wherever their journey toward conception takes them, they have the support and love that they need.